Pretty much like Mcdonalds
Menu with pictures for quick recognition
The system is like a carousel and the sushi come in line waiting to be eating.
About to eat a sushi
Kaiten sushi

This is great, there is a tap on the edge of the table where green te comes out pushing a button.
Esto esta buenisimo, hay una canilla en el borde de la mesa donde apretando un boton sale te verde.

Hamachi Sushi
California Roll Sushi
Tempura Sushi
Cocktail Shrimp

When you finish eating you call the waitress and she counts the dishes on the table.

According to the color plate of sushi the value varies, usually ranging from 105 yen to 400 yen.

Note, in Japan never left a tip to the waitress.

Cuando terminas de comer llamas a la camarera y ella cuenta los platos que hay en la mesa.

Segun el color del plato varia el valor del sushi, generalmente van de 105 yenes a 400 yenes.

Nota, en japon nunca se deja propina.